Kristen and Dustin

Second Date

One day while I was at work, I got bored and decided to look up new social networking sites. I didn't really have any intentions of joining any dating sites until I came across OkCupid. After I filled out all the information, I started browsing. I came across some people that seemed interesting, but didn't show much interest in me.

Anyhow, I came to one person's profile, and in the similar user box, there was Dustin. When I read his profile I actually teared up, he was very open about the fact that his father passed away the previous year. I decided to send him a message. I checked my email every day to see if he had written me back yet. Finally, on day three of waiting, he did. About a week later, we decided to meet at a restaurant which was a mutual distance for both of us.

When we first met, i knew there would be a second date right off the bat. We just sat and talked for over three hours straight. We actually saw all of the shifts switch over. Our next date actually ended up being the following night. :)

After only about a month of dating I moved in with him, and two months ago we just bought a house together. No wedding plans yet, but hopefully soon....

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