Kayti and Matt

Persistence and a lop-sided boob

Kayti and Matt met online on January 1st, 2010, through a message he sent her one evening about how intrigued he was by her profile and how he thought they should get to know each other. She replied three hours later and the rest is history.

After numerous missed chances and canceled meetings (all by her), Matt persisted in hunting Kayti down, feeling an unfamiliar sense of urgency and desire to see her. He persevered until the bad luck ran out.

They met in person three months later in a crowded park in the middle of downtown. She was sitting against a tree reading and waiting for him. He was walking around aimlessly trying to find her. Awkwardly approaching her tree, he made sarcastic comments and complimented her on her facial hair. They then took refuge from the chilly post-Winter air at a local coffee shop where they sat side-by-side taking in the local artwork. She made an off-hand comment about a painting of a, what looked to be, a lop-sided boob and it was luz from there on.

Departing from one another following their seemingly awkward meeting, he offered his presence out to her for another meeting...if she was interested. She exclaimed, "Of course!" throwing her arms around his neck quickly embracing him. After that night, the dates became more frequent. She even slipped a cheek kiss in one night. The flirtation tensed and he popped the question one night. After he dropped her off, it was Facebook Official. Everyone in town knew.

As the relationship progressed, so did the depth of their hearts. It was like discovering the opposite sex all over again--giggling, dumbfounded, and skipping from place to place.

As the semester ended, Matt had to move an hour away and begin working at an Engineering firm for the summer, and Kayti, staying in the town they first met in, moved into her first apartment with loads of encouragement from him. Now, even though there's 60 miles of separation, things look so positive for these two. The distance doesn't seem to phase their appeal for the other. They keep in touch via Skype and have made plans to see each other multiple times over the summer. Kayti knows that once August comes back around, Matt will be back in town, but until then nothing can keeps these kids apart.

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