Natasha and Jesse

Who Are We To Argue With A Computer?

Quiver tells me I should contact you. Who am I to argue with a computer?

Hi Jesse,
I'm Tash.
Good point. Matchmaking algorithms probably know best.
(From OK Cupid messages from June 24th 2009)

And so our courtship began...

Jesse had been living in Washington DC for two and a half years. A veteran of internet dating, he had dated a sizeable portion of the single women in the Washington DC metro area. Tash had been living in Washington, DC for two and a half weeks. She had just arrived from New Zealand for a new job on a new continent.

He was to leave for a three week trip to Tunisia and Malta on June 28th. He had little time to act. The fact of Jesse's imminent departure convinced Natasha to accept a date the following evening. They met for drinks at the Tabbard Inn, a very classy restaurant/lounge that is kind of like the living room of a very rich old person. How many 1st dates had Jesse brought to the Tabbard? Only his past credit card invoices could count. Natasha's first date with an American was the previous evening and she has been very underwhelmed. He was balder than she expected.

Jesse was just as bald as she expected. Maybe even less. He was funny and charming. She was beautiful and sweet. After easy flowing conversation followed by a walk for ice cream, Jesse bid farewell to Natasha with a quick peck on the lips.

The second date, a day and half later, was at the zoo. It was hot, Natasha's palms were sweating. She didn't know whether it was from her natural disposition or just flirtatious nerves. Jesse wanted to kiss her and he thought he could get away with it. With sea otters and small children looking on, they got all "makey-outy". After grabbing lunch at Nam Viet, Jesse walked Natasha home. 2.3 miles to be exact. They felt an instant connection but the third date would have to wait for three long weeks of text messages and emails from across the Atlantic.

After the third date, they stopped counting and have been together happily ever since. On April 5th, 2010, Jesse "locked that down" (popped the question) with great agility and efficiency. On May 15th 2011 they will happily and gratefully improve OKCupid's matchmaking success rate! Who are they to argue with a computer?

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