Jessica and Stephanie

The Worst Butterflies

Dear OkCupid,

I created my profile in late 2008. I was relatively new to NYC and looking to make some friends. I got lots of emails. Some interesting... some not.
Then in December I got an email with the worst pick up line ever. "Like what you see, get back to me."

Now ordinarily I would laugh and ignore a message like this, but something made me want to respond. So I made fun of her for lameness. From the start, even online, I felt drawn to her.

We started talking. We emailed constantly. We were both stuck in bad relationships with other people, so we became friends. We started talking on the phone in January. We became as close as you can be to a person who you don't know and just talk on the phone with. We complained about our relationships and got to know each other.

April came and we were both finally single. We decided it was time to actually meet. She got in a cab after softball practice and came over to my house. As I was standing on the street ready to meet her I was so nervous. I had the worst butterflies I had ever had just from seeing her face for the first time. I never believed in love at first sight, but there it was!

We spent our first couple hours just talking. I had never felt so drawn to a person in my entire life. Hours later she still hadn't kissed me so I pecked her. It was horrible. I never make the first move, but she was too nervous to make it. Once she knew that I wanted to she said, "Let's try that again." And we had the most amazing kiss of our lives... She asked me to be her girlfriend the next day. We "officially" moved in together a couple weeks later. We have still never spent a night apart.

Exactly 1 year later, on April 11th, 2010, we were married in Boston, Massachusetts.

We wanted to say thank you to you guys at OKCupid! I don't know how we would have ever found each other in this crazy city. But thanks to you, we found our soulmate and that is the most amazing thing in the world. There was even a toast to you at our wedding reception!

So thank you again!


Jessica & Stephanie Thomas

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