Melissa and Colm

A Hug and a Spark

So, Colm and I met online here...and now we're getting married!

He messaged me, indicating his interest in me but since he was Irish and living in Cork and I, an American, living in Cincinnati, we decided to be pen pals.

We talked all the time for 8 months! We both grew to care and like one another more and more. I know I (and I later found out he, too) wondered if there was more to our relationship, as there was a great connection between us. As I was looking at graduate schools, I found I actually liked the school Colm was attending for his Ph.D., University College Cork, and so I decided to visit Cork to see the school and (really!) to meet him in person.

When we hugged at the Cork airport in July of 2008, I knew he was the one. We just sparked right away. We decided we both wanted to be together and made it work. It was long distance, with a few visits back and forth between Ireland and the U.S.

I got into graduate school in Cork and moved to Ireland in July of 2009. We moved in together then and in November of 2009, he popped the question!

We're getting married August 13th, 2010, in Ireland. I still look at him sometimes and wonder how on earth we got so lucky and how we managed to find each other halfway across the world... We joke it was 'Cupid'... OkCupid!

Thanks so so much for helping us complete one another!

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