John and Christina

We Hit It Off

I don't want to write a novel on this because as many things that have happened in the short time my wife and I have been together it would take me days to write it all out.

Christina and I met on OkCupid in June of 2009. We started talking online and soon discovered we went to the same school and had seen each other around. We set up a date which I broke off later because I didn't feel we were a good match. A few days later we met at school and started talking and became good friends. After a few weeks we stopped talking and kinda fell off each other's radar until one day she sent me a chain text. This one event started us talking again and after a bad day at school she drove 30 minutes from her house to meet me before seeing a movie with some friends.

We hit it off so well that night we decided we wanted a relationship together two days later. In October of that same year we decided (or well she decided) we should get married. On March 6th 2010 we were married and are expecting a child. We couldn't be happier!

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