Robert and Shiela

A new story

I'm a massage therapist and I was browsing around this site mid December 2008 while babysitting my nephew. Honestly, I was looking around for cougars and desperate woman who had money to burn on massages since the recession made it hard to find work. I wasn't looking for dates, but I found a girl that caught my eye with her quirky profile and silly pictures. I messaged her and she messaged me back. We kept this going on for a day or two and then we exchanged contact information.

I thought to myself "Sweet, I found a new chick friend that will offset my sausagefest friends list." After a talking for a while she invited me to a party at her friend's place and I invited her out to a comedy show (Jo Koy in San Jose) around late January. We hit it off right away and felt instant chemistry.

We became official on Valentine's Day and have been unable to stay away from each other since then. Now, here we are 6 1/2 months later. I just proposed to her... she said "Yes!" Thanks, OkCupid, for finding me a pretty woman... even though I wasn't looking.

tl;dr - OKCupid is where I found my fiance when I wasn't looking for anyone :)

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