Cole and Lacy

Falling, falling in love

It was around 8pm on March 28th of last year and I was at my computer playing World of Warcraft. An IM window popped up on my screen from a name I didn't know, with a message that said something along the lines of: "Hi. I'm not some random crazy person... Well, I am, but, anyway, I saw your profile on OkCupid and wanted to IM you and say 'hi.' So... uhm... Hi."

It was so off the wall I just had to talk to this person. So I quit my game and started a conversation, which ended up lasting for nine hours, about four on the computer and the other five or so on the phone once we had traded numbers. It probably would have gone on longer but I had to be up early for work in the morning and I only ended up getting three hours of sleep as it was. We set a date to meet on the 31st and after getting a bit lost (making me a half hour late) we spent twelve hours falling in love with each other.

I hadn't wanted to leave and she didn't want me to either. We confessed our feelings over the phone that night and dated for the next two months until she proposed to me. We've been engaged for a year now as of May 6th and are now living together, falling more in love every day.

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