meredith and kevin

Just One Wink

We started talking all from just a Wink. I got Kevin on my Quickmatch and thought he was cute, so I sent him a wink to see if I got lucky. Boy, did I ever! :D

After staying up 'til 6 am nearly every night for those 2 amazing months, we decided it was about time we met up. Our first date, I picked him up from school in Vancouver and we went to the sweetest little hole-in-the-wall place. On our way back, we just barely caught the tow truck trying to tow my car away because we lost track of the time. We ended up heading to English Bay and walking around before we decided to hit up a cute and kind of fancy place for dinner. We ended the night with me driving him back home and us sitting in my car talking for at least an hour.

I've never enjoyed myself more and on a first date, and every day since has been the best day of my life. He asked my to be his girlfriend on the 9th of September 2009, and I haven't looked back.

To think the best decision of my life was just one little click, and I've found the man of my dreams through something as simple as a wink. ;)

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