Jenna and Michael

Coffee Over Booze

Michael found me on OkCupid! We only messaged each other a few times and he gave me his phone number. Once I got his number, I chickened out and didn't contact him for a few days. Then I was curious and something told me to contact him. I texted him on November 28th, 2009 (Saturday), and he asked if I wanted to meet for coffee. I agreed! Little did I know he was at a party and as soon as I texted him, he made up an excuse to leave the party!! =)

So we initially were going to go get coffee, but just ended up meeting at his apartment for coffee. We immediately hit it off!!! We sat in the kitchen for HOURS talking and then went to Walmart to get a late-night snack. We ended up staying up talking until 5am and I ended up staying over.

I knew I loved him from the moment I met him. We have not been apart since we met. I have stayed at his (now our) apartment since that wonderful Saturday! We are best friends and inseparable! We plan on getting married sometime this year! THANKS, OKCUPID!

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