Mark and Susan


Susan and I have waited a long time to get married - into our 40's. We had both never been able to meet the right person, and we had both gotten to the point where we thought we would never meet the right person.

I personally had been on various dating and relationship sites, mostly paid, from 1995 until I met Susan in 2009. A friend of mine told be about okcupid, and I decided to give it a try. I was on the site for almost a year before I met Susan. I chatted by email with a number of women and had phone conversations with a few, but nothing clicked.

One day I got an email that someone had marked me as interesting. When I logged in and read what Susan had written I said to myself, "Wow, she actually wrote something different and interesting about herself."

I had been living in Elkins Park, PA - a northern suburb of Philadelphia, and Susan was living in Jersey City, NJ. We met in February, 2009. I had just been laid off from my job in November, 2008. Ironically, had I not been out of work at the time I most likely would not have been willing to make the initial trip to meet Susan in Jersey City. Susan herself was laid off from her job just a few weeks after we met.

Well, the time off came at just the right time, and we spent about 6 months seeing each other for several days at a time - splitting our time between NJ and PA.

On the face of it, OkCupid should never have matched us at all. I was far outside of Susan's preferred geographical radius, yet she ended up viewing my profile in quickmatch and ended up noting me as someone she thought was cute. Then I saw that she had marked me as interesting, and I wrote to her.

Fast forward to September 12, 2010 and lots of trips for both of us between NJ and PA. We had just signed a lease on a new apartment in Lansdale, PA. I found myself proposing to Susan at a duck-filled lake in Peace Valley Park in Bucks County, PA - in the rain, under an umbrella, with my grandmother's engagement ring.

We both now feel like we have met our true match, at the right time. Despite all the years of heartache and the feelings that life was passing us by, we both think that we would not have been ready to meet each other any sooner than we did.

Well, we are getting married in three short weeks now - June 6, 2010. It is really amazing to think how much both our lives have changed in just over a years time.

I wanted to write and thank all the geeks at okcupid for their efforts and definitely for their originality in creating a fun and, for us at least, very effective relationship site.

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