Marissa and Josh

Fancy me peg leg, do you?

Josh and I both got sent our match emails. We started chatting through emails and based off of his pictures, it appeared he had one leg (he has a habit of sitting with one leg tucked under him). Not knowing this and trying to tread lightly on the subject, I had asked him if he only had one leg. He laughed and said no and asked why I would ask that. Looking back at the pictures after I asked, he realized that, yes, he did look one-legged and thought it was sweet that I was talking to him with the assumption he was disabled.

Our first instant message conversation was the day after our initial emails started and I had been playing in the sun all day. Needless to say that by the time we talked, I was very tired and fell asleep mid conversation. The next day, we had our first date where we laughed and joked around about him being "too boring to keep me awake." We had dinner at an Italian restaurant where he ordered healthy and stole my fattening but oh-so-yummy tortellini then shot pool. I knew he was the one when I could win 6/8 games and he still had a smile on his face.

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