Janet and Trey

Geek Love!

On September 16, 2009 Trey messaged me with the pickup line, "So, what kind of D&D character do you like to play?" It's been total geek love ever since.

He was the first guy to talk about the things I liked and seem genuinely interested in what I had to say. After exchanging messages for about a month we decided to meet on a whim, which was rather difficult because we lived so far apart (about two and a half hours away). He drove to see me and stayed in town until three in the morning. Three weekends of visits later we decided we liked each other enough to make it official.

Now, we live together and are very happy. I'm pretty sure he is "the one".
Ironically enough, my best friend met his boyfriend in the same town using this same site. Now, he lives here too. Not only do I have the love of my life, but I have my best friend too. If it wasn't for OkCupid none of us would have met our partners.

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