Katie and Rachel

Like Magnets

On December 29th, 2009, I sent out a polite wink to a complete stranger whom I found an attraction and potential interest in. Minutes later, my anxiety rose and my anxious impulses had to get tamed to a halt. Little conversation struck, which then made its way into hours of video chatting -- "hours," as in 11 hours straight each night into the morning. The magnetic feelings between the two of us seemed to never dim or to ever lose any of its attracting energy.

Without realization, I appeared at her front step with my stomach in my throat. A 5'3" beautiful girl approached my sight and my palms started loosening the grip it had clenched to the phone I had tightly squeezed in my hand. Trying to distract myself from staring, I dropped eye contact and started to become very silent. The anticipation I had built up towards her was tumbling in my stomach, making my hands become very shaky, too shaky for me to hide. I finally built up the confidence to grab her and pull her soft lips into mine.

From that moment on, we haven't been able to let go of one another. With a promise lasting as strong as it did 5 months ago, I vow to my girlfriend that I will never let her go. Thank you, OkCupid, for helping me find the love of my life.

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