Katie and Noah

Right In Front Of Us

We met on a weeknight, and the general idea was just to hang out, watch the movie The Wackness, and smoke. We did NOT like each other.

I (Katie), thought he was kind of arrogant, a little too baller for his own good. Not quite sure what Noah thought of me, but I was not his type, that's for sure. We hung out, and I was almost certain that this was the last time I'd ever see the inside of his Lower East Side apartment. On top of that, the next week he was listed IN A RELATIONSHIP - with a 38 year old?!?! I was so confused.

Our techie side kept us friends, nd we'd babble about the latest Apple news. We stayed close over the summer, as friends. Almost six months after we met, and many failed dates later, we became really close, almost joined at the hip. I even wrote a friend-testimonial for him! In the end, we both realized we were searching on OkCupid for what we'd already found, and the rest is history (and a bunch of sex.)

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