Linda and Steve

A strange coincidence or destiny...?

One year ago today, May 20, 2009, Steve and I first made contact. I sent him a virtual 'wink' when his profile came up after I sent a message to a pen pal of mine in Norwich, UK. I liked his profile name 'Darcangel', and when he noticed I live in Idaho, he asked me if I knew where Bovill, Idaho was. I told him it was about 45 miles from me and had a population of less than 300. Apparently his father and uncle grew up there before attending University of Idaho in Moscow where I live. His father joined the Air Force, where he met Steve's mother when he was stationed in England. A strange coincidence or destiny...? That I would run into someone living 4600 miles away who had roots in the same county I was born in!

We e-mailed and IM'd and web-cammed for several months. Before our 'chance meeting' online, I had decided I was foolish to expect to find a soulmate, a 'love of my life' relationship on such an absurd forum as a dating website, so the best thing to do was just have fun dating and forget about anything serious happening for me at my advanced age of 46. Ah, but Steve was so wonderful. I'd never known anyone so sincere, so unabashedly expressive of his feelings and desires, someone who pursued me with impassioned aggression -- the way I'd always wanted someone to do. He quickly melted down my resistance; my fear of a 'long-distance romance' faded away when he informed me that he didn't even think it was a risk for us to fall in love; it was a sure thing. He had dual citizenship in the US and the UK, and having a current passport, the only thing standing between us was a plane ticket.

December 4, 2009, I picked up Steve at the regional airport nearby after his transatlantic trek to meet me. We embraced passionately and were surprised how comfortable we felt with each other immediately. My kids didn't know quite what to expect when I first told them that the man they'd seen on a Skype webcam screen talking with their mom so many times was now going to be part of our family, but we all adjusted together so well and can't imagine life without each other!!!

We're planning a summer wedding and a honeymoon in England this September when he'll walk down the aisle once again as the father of the bride -- his daughter in Southampton is getting married, as well!!!

Clicking on that Wink button was one of the best things I've ever done!! Here's to -- the best dating website in the Universe!!

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