Emily and Joe

Height Difference, Who Cares?

He's 6'6'' and I'm 5'3''. He said "Just warning you, I'm tall!" I thought I was going to meet a giant! I was relieved to find that he was an acceptable height, and we ended up talking for hours at Starbucks in the middle of a snowstorm, days before Christmas.

He initially contacted me because he thought I was pretty, but noticed I had accidentally checked off "looking for casual hookups," while in my profile I wrote that I was NOT looking for hookups. He emailed me to tell me that there was an error in my profile! (Definitely not a story to tell the kids.)

Meeting Joe was like meeting an old friend that I had known for years. A year and a half later we are engaged to be married in 2010! We both realized after just a few dates that we were exactly what the other had been looking for for so long. We feel so lucky to have met, and even though we lived just 10 minutes away from each other the whole time, I'm not sure we would have met if it weren't for this opportunity.

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