Cressida and Michael

Skeptics Won't Lie

I was on OkCupid checking my mail and seeing who viewed my profile. I saw Michael's picture on my visitors list. Even though it said we were only a 56% match, I decided to check out his page. After responding to him and asking why he didn't leave a message, we never lost contact after that.

He was in Indiana visiting his parents, so our conversations were usually via text or phone call. A couple of weeks later, he drove back home and we met the next day. I had no intentions of actually falling for him the way I did or as quickly as I did. But I haven't spent a day away from him since we met. Some may say we are moving too fast, but when you feel it, you feel it. I have never let a man meet my daughter earlier than 4 months into a relationship. But Michael met Haven a few days in. She loves him and they have a lot of fun together. Every day we are together, our bond grows stronger!!! Thanks, OkCupid!!! And that's coming from a HUGE skeptic....

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