Victoria and Sean

The Luckiest of Fridays

I sent the first message to Sean. In the "you should message me if" section, he had written "if you find my smart ass amusing." I totally did. I wasn't sure if I would have any luck getting a response from him, as he had an age criteria of "at least 25" and a location criteria of 25 miles. I did not fit either of those. When I did not get anything back after a couple weeks, I tried again. Success! We started emailing long, drawn-out sarcasm-filled letters to each other, and soon enough, arranged a meeting.

We met on Friday the 13th, and we could not have been more lucky. Our first date included trespassing into an abandoned old house and stealing a bunch of crap. Walking down the road back to the car, Sean carrying a useless old record player and a ladybug carcass covered army jacket, I knew I had found my one. We started spending nearly every weekend together, drinking beer and "rock talking." It did not take us long to fall in love.

In March, was late for my period and my boobs were huge! After throwing up randomly a few times, we decided I should take a pregnancy test. It was positive! We are expecting our little baby in November, exactly one year after our first date. OkCupid brought the man of my dreams into my life, and we couldn't be happier together.

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