Genevieve and Dominic

A Ho-Hum Beginning to an Amazing Love

I had just broken up with my boyfriend of a year and a half two weeks prior to meeting Dominic. I had given up on that relationship long before it was over, but I didn't think I'd be dating someone so quickly. We instantly connected, and we went on a date within the first few days of meeting online. Our first date in the grand scheme of things was horrible, but we liked each other so much that it didn't matter. He took me to sushi (even though I said I didn't like fish), and we went to a movie that wasn't very good. We still had a great time and had our first kiss standing in line for desserts at Sweet Life Patisserie in Eugene. We have been dating for seven months now, and we are moving in together within the next month. We are very much in love and planning on spending our lives together. Thanks, OkCupid.

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