Virginia and Scott

Our first date lasted eight hours!

Scott first messaged me in July of 2005, at the time I barely had a profile and was mainly on the site for the quizes. We started emailing back and forth asking eachother questions. Some questions were silly; "What is the best part of a pear?", and some questions were serious; "What do you think you will name your future children?". After a while we began chatting through messenger keeping eachother up until all hours of the night laughing and joking and getting to know eachother.

We decided to meet at a coffee shop for the first time on August 11th, 2005. Our first date lasted over eight hours, we talked at the coffee shop until they closed, got dinner and watched a movie. Mostly, though, we just talked.

This last weekend Scott and I were married in a fantastic 1920s themed ceremony held in an old theatre in our town. The night was perfect.

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