Melissa and John

College Love

John and I first met in October 2007. I was a freshman in college, and he was a sophomore. He lived in my hometown, and I was about 3 hours away. I remember it was October 23, 2007 and I was answering more and more questions about my personality to see who was my higher match, and John kept appearing at the top of the results.

With every few questions the match percentage would keep getting higher and higher. After a few more hours of wondering how to approach the situation, I sent him an email. It took a LONG time for him to respond (later I found out this was due to his use of several different email addresses, and I happened to pick the one he doesn't check often). After he wrote back, we seemed to get along very well through correspondence. About a week later we decided to make the next move and actually talk on the phone. I was so giddy that I had to leave my dorm to have some privacy. I went down to the student commons and sat on a couch talking to him for about two hours. It sucked to say goodnight, but we kept talking for another week and a half. A few days before November 9, 2007, I knew I was going to be coming home for a weekend and really wanted to meet him. I knew my family would be very disapproving, but with careful thought we decided to meet the friday night I came in town.

We went ice skating. John was a terrible ice skater. I believe he fell down close to 20 times! Towards the end of the night, we were wrapping the date up, and after walking me to my car, he kissed me! (It was my FIRST kiss, ever.) Since then, it's been a whirlwind of romance. I can't believe it's been 2+ years since we met. Just this past October, John proposed at the Fox Theater (He took me to see Phantom of the Opera, my absolute FAVORITE!). We bought a house about a month ago, and are planning a June 2011 wedding! Thank you so much OkCupid! I can't believe I met such a wonderful person!

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