Jason and Claudia

"I'm a Believer Now!"

I had given up on dating, but was still poking around on OKC for the fun of it. I found Claudia's profile and thought "Well, there's no way a girl this gorgeous will write back, so whatever, I'll send a quick note."

Minutes later she replied, which shocked me, to say the least. We went back and forth on OKC for a few msgs, and quickly switched to instant messenger. Claudia was doing a home dye job on her hair when I first contacted her, and was supposed to wash it out soon after. We spent at least an hour chatting, and then finally she excused herself to rinse the dye as it'd started dripping on her keyboard.

A day didn't go by after that evening where we weren't in touch, quickly becoming what felt like best friends. I was away for work during this time, so we didn't actually meet until two weeks later. Our first date was magical, I couldn't have asked for more. Soon enough after, we were sharing her apartment, and after several months, I finally popped the question. Really, by this time it was more of a foregone conclusion, as we truly felt made for one another.

I had zero faith in dating, especially internet dating, at the time I came across Claudia's profile. I think it's safe to say that I'm a believer in its use now. We're both thankful to OKC for bringing us together!

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