Caitlin and Nick

A Spark of Intrigue

When I turned 18 I joined OkCupid on a whim; I don't know that I really expected to find someone. I happened upon Nick's profile one evening and sent him a short message: "Stumbling across your profile tonight has proved interesting. Message me back if you find a spark of intrigue in mine." That was June 3, 2006. I got an Instant Message reply in the next few days, "You bet I find a spark of intrigue!" and that's how it started.

We talked online for a couple weeks, and we talked on the phone for a week before we met in person. We met at a park in my hometown (Medina, Ohio) and went to a coffee shop, but I was too nervous to eat or drink anything. He was my first date, my first boyfriend, and my first kiss. Our first date was June 26, 2006.

June 26, 2008 was very rainy. He had told me he wouldn't propose before our two-year anniversary so the rain ruined his plans and my expectations - I was a bit upset all day, after I got flowers and dinner... but no ring. On June 27, 2008, Nick drove me to the park where we met in person for the first time and gave me a diamond ring.

We were married June 26, 2009 in Medina, Ohio, after three years of a long-distance relationship while I was in college.

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