Hope and Robert

His Message For Me

I hadn't finished with all the questions that I had to answer when a box popped up with this guys picture on it asking me to rate him. I gave him a 4, and I got a message telling me that if he rated me the same or above we would be able to talk to each other online. About 15 minutes later, he was online and sent me a simple "HI". It turned out that we were both looking for a long term relationship and were tired of the whole dating game.

We talked about everything. I looked at his pictures on his profile and didn't expect him to stay interested in me for to long, but at the end of that first conversation online he ask if I was going to be online again the next day so I ask what time and the next day we were online again. We talked every day for about a week when he asked for my phone number. After that I got good morning text messages and messages through the day while he was at work. It was really sweet. He finally ask me out and we agreed to meet at a restaurant in the town between our home towns. I was so nervous that whole day! He texted me and told me he was on his way to the restaurant, and he was waiting in the parking lot when I pulled in. When I got out and walked across the parking lot I ask him if he was Robert he said "Yes" and I thought I was wasting my time because he was awesome. We had a very nice meal which he ate none of, he did not take his eyes off me the whole night. After our date we went to our cars and he very gently hugged me and we said bye. I was sad that it was over but hopeful that another date would come out of it. About an hour later I got a text asking me if I had made it home ok, since it was raining really hard. I thought this was very sweet and we talked till about 2 the next morning.

All the next day text messages and a phone call at the end of the day just as promised came and I was very impressed. Three days after our first date I was in a car accident. I was getting ready to get out of my car to wash it when I got a message from him, I took time to answer his message. As I laid my phone down I looked up to see a huge truck backing toward the front of my car, had he not texted me when he did I would have been trapped between the front of my car and this huge truck and I would have been hurt worse than I was.

We were both really wanting to see each other again but I was in pain from the accident, I promised when I felt better we would see each other. One Sunday I got a message from him telling me he was at a park we had discussed in our many conversations and I had a message waiting on me there, I promised the next day I would see his message to me. True to my promise, the next day I went to the park and there was the message scratched out on a beautiful bridge it said "Hope, I think I love you. Robert."

I stood there in the rain crying, and I knew that I needed to tell him that I saw his message but all i could think of to say was "I found the message". I left him one under his. It said "Robert I think I love you to. Hope" I took pictures of both the messages and texted him. He said that he would see my message that night no matter what. That evening he texted me telling me that he was on his way to see my message. I left my house and was waiting on him at the park. He didn't know I was going to be there, so I watched him go to the bridge then come back to his car. He drove by me, I text him and about two miles from the park we stopped in a lot when he saw me he got out of his car and we sat for the next hour or so hugging, it was like we had found our other half we were so happy.

Five days later we went to the coast together and we have been together ever since. On August 22, 2009 he took me to a John Berry concert, just before the last performance of the concert he went missing. I waited and was getting worried about him when a woman came on stage and ask where I was sitting I answered then I saw a stage hand making a path for me to get to the stage, when i got there Robert was standing there. Right there in front of everyone at that concert he got down one knee and said "Your love amazes me, will you marry me?" I was shocked and crying but through my tears I said "Yes" the whole place went wild. We stood there on stage hugging for a long time.

On November 7, 2009 we got married at the park where we left the messages for each other at, it was a beautiful wedding and had it not been for OKCUPID we would have never known each other. Thank You OKCUPID. (The picture I am including was made at the bridge where the messages were left.)

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