Angela and Stephen

You Never Know Where You'll End Up

After a few days of him looking at me, me looking at him, I took the first step to message him a quick hello. After a week or so of messaging each other, and frequent sneaky checks of my emails at work, we exchanged phone numbers and started texting. We arranged to meet the day after his birthday at a local pub and I fully expected to meet a hungover Steve looking a bit worse for wear!

He arrived to meet me with a huge bunch of flowers and not one, but two slices of different birthday cake, and we struck it off instantly! We chatted for hours and then arranged to meet again. We were inseparable from that first date! Steve went on holiday a week later and, as his friends now tell me, he was attached to his phone, us texting each other, they hardly knew he was there! Even being thrown in the pool, plus phone, did not stop him, nagging his mates into lending him a phone just so we could stay in contact!

In the past year we have achieved so much, from climbing Ben Nevis together, having an unfortunate fun-yakking incident, to me flying half way across the world to meet him so we could have a few days over Easter together. Oh, and I crashed his brand new car into the neighbour's car only two weeks after he bought it! I have spent freezing Saturday mornings watching him play hockey, and he has spent freezing Sunday mornings helping me muck out the horses.

And after it all, he whisked me away for a romantic night to Lyon in October 2009. On the drive from the airport, and my comments of 'where are you taking me - some backstreet B&B?!' we pulled into the grounds of the most beautiful castle, where we were to spend the night. After a lovely meal in the 5-star restaurant, we went for a romantic walk in the grounds. As the clock struck 11pm and the bells chimed, he dropped to one knee on the drawbridge and proposed!

So we are pleased to announced that the wedding is booked for September 2010 and would both like to thank OkCupid for introducing us! We would recommend to anyone to give it a whirl! You never know where you might end up!!

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