Rebecca and Brian

"We met for the first time at 3 in the morning to find groceries for me!"

When I moved to Norman, Oklahoma to live with my brother, he told me that I should try OkCupid to find friends since I wouldn't really know anyone besides him. He told me that all of his friends used the site and it could help me get started finding like-minded friends in the area. He also told me a birthday party for one of his friends was coming and that I would be able to meet people there as well.

He wasn't kidding! About two weeks later, after setting up my profile and answering almost a thousand questions, I wrote a journal entry that got a lot of responses. While many of the responses were trivial, one really stood out. It actually pointed out something important that I had not even considered and I immediately had to change the post. You can look it up right now! The note at the bottom is there because a user named Passivimpressiv corrected me.

I loved how he had the courage to send me a message like that and I sent him three private messages right away. We started to chat on OkCupid and exchanged email addresses. He soon told me that we could meet at a birthday party for his best friend that was coming up in a few days.

We quickly found out that he actually knew my brother and the birthday party for his best friend was the same one that my brother had told me about when I first moved to town!

Soon after this, I found myself starving around 3 in the morning and completely unable to find a way to find food (my brother had been slacking on his duty to help me learn the town). I found Passivimpressiv online and he told me he could help me find a 24 hour store if I wanted and that was it! We met for the first time at 3 in the morning to find groceries for me.

What started from this was a wonderful friendship. He would always come by or find me online. He would find a way to make himself available day and night since my sleeping schedule was strange.
I wasn't ready for a real relationship yet, but he never asked. He just made it clear that he wanted anything that he could have with me and we just maintained our platonic friendship for months and months on end.

One night 6 months later that I finally knew I couldn't hold out on him any more. The very first night that he wasn't available for me was around Christmas of that year. He was staying over at a friend's house and I spent the entire night using a wood burner to make a portrait of him for his Christmas present.

How could I lie to myself after that?!

"Hi Brian. I burned a portrait of you into wood for Christmas....but I just want to be friends."

No one could be fooled about this any longer. We started dating a week later.

It didn't seem very long into our wonderful relationship that we started to talk about marriage and he proposed soon after that. After much debate, we decided to marry in Iceland in November of 2008.
Our choice was amazing. It is one of the most beautiful places either of us has ever seen and we still look over our pictures with smiles all the time.

We have now been happily married for over a year and we have OkCupid to thank for this. While we know we would have met at that birthday party years ago now, we could not have known that the person we were sitting next to was such a perfect match. We may have never had the chance to find out.

Thank you OkCupid! Our marriage is the source of our greatest happiness!

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