Tamalyn and Steven

Through Thick and Thin

We started up like anyone else with the "Hi, how are you?"s and the favorite band discussions but quickly moved on to the life stories. We talked casually for a few months and became online friends. No phone calls yet. There were a few plans to meet for lunch but they never came true.

Then, I started a relationship with an old friend from high school and Steve and I didn't talk for almost a year... I thought about him from time to time but tried at this other relationship (FAIL) until it finally came to a screeching, crumbling halt. I was a mess.

I got back on OK and there he was. Just as sweet and welcoming as ever. He talked to me about the breakup and helped me through some tough stuff. Always the friend I needed when I needed him. I knew if he was still there after all that and he was still really interested in me, that we needed to meet. We talked on the phone A LOT for another few months while he was on the road (all over Texas) for work. FINALLY, on November 28th, 2009, we met face to face for the first time at his buddies' show in San Antonio. He was sooo nervous so I blabbered about myself a lot and we laughed at everyone and everything.

The following weekend, we met for dinner and shared some seafood. We were going to another show that night and I offered to drive to the venue. On the way there we sang really loudly to the radio together and he made me laugh whole-heartedly for the first time in a long, long time. All the emails and phone calls had helped me to know him so well already, and I think that night in the car, I fell in love.

He worked out of town all week so every weekend, I was at his apartment. We did the whole "play house" thing. Bar-b-q's, trips to the river, movies on the couch, etc. And then one day, he said it: "You can live here, ya know, if you want." And I DID want! I moved in. Steve found a job in town so he could stay home with me and we've been crazy inseparable ever since. Our families LOVE our relationship. And I love Steve! We're unofficially engaged to be married in the Spring 2011. It took a long time and a lot of failed attempts at love to find each other. But we did it! FINALLY! And we couldn't be happier.

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