Andrea and Chris

Just Couldn't Wait

Another OkCupid member sent me an IM on September 18, 2006. His first message intrigued me but I was not initially attracted to him; nor was I seeking to invest in a long-distance, romantic relationship from 1600 miles away.

However, I had instructed gentlemen callers to contact me ONLY if their "glass was half-full" and because of our agreement on that subject, we formed an instant friendship and began communicating with each other every day. We quickly found the desire to be romantically involved with each other, but the distance between Colorado and Maryland made it difficult. Nearly four months later we finally found the opportunity to meet in person. The U.S. Army brought him to Kansas where we decided to meet. The two friends who encouraged me to sign up on OkCupid came along for safety and support.

On January 15, 2007 we met in a restaurant over dinner and drinks. I was so nervous that I thought I was going to die but once we saw each other it all melted away! He took me on several dates through the rest of the weekend and we were inseparable. It was pure agony when we finally had to say goodbye. Over the next few months we realized we were falling in love and continued a long-distance relationship, all the while remaining loyal to each other. In May, 2008 he was stationed in Fort Jackson, South Carolina and on August 2, 2008 I moved there to be with him. A

After a blissful six months of living together he proposed to me by saying "I knew I wanted to marry you before you moved in, and I know I don't have a ring but I just couldn't wait another day." Of course, I cried and said yes! We couldn't wait to be married so we made it official one month later. We surprised some out-of-town guests with a trip to our wedding rehearsal! Since then the Army has moved us back to Fort Carson, Colorado and we are still madly in love. My daughter (from a previous marriage) loves him and wants us to make her a brother or sister so we are preparing for that now! On top of that we have one dog, one cat, and two horses! Thank you, OkCupid, from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.

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