Denise and Rich

Listen To Your Heart

We live in different towns, so meeting halfway seemed like a good idea. Just for a cup of coffee and a visit....that turned into an afternoon...and 5 1/2 hours. I immediately felt comfortable with Rich. His whiskey-brown eyes were warm and gentle. I felt so relaxed and probably sat there with a foolish smile on my face listening to the sound of his voice.

I had started dating again only after my beloved husband died I was a bit concerned about my growing feelings for Rich. But we talked daily...sometimes for hours, and everything grew from there. I realized as most people do who have lost a loved one, that life is too short to worry about the small things and that sometimes, you really need to listen to your heart. I listened to mine. Perhaps we'll update this story in a year or so. For now, being in love with a wonderful man is enough for me.

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