Heather and Kevin

It Was Meant To Be

We met on a first date in October. In accepting the date, Heather was exploring her options as she was primarily dating another OkCupid denizen. Kevin was really into her, "I remember asking for a goodbye kiss and grabbing onto her soft body and thinking, oooh, I could really get into this". But it was not to be, at least initially, as Heather began to focus on the other relationship. So, Kevin, although he was smitten with Heather, soon figured out that this was not going anywhere and moved on. He started seeing someone else he had met on OkCupid around the same time. We kept in touch online, however, and when Kevin's relationship went south, Heather's had recently ended. Upon realizing our mutual freedom, we swooped on each other and arranged a date which turned into an all-nighter and several other visits during that Christmas vacation. Now, six months later, we are still together, playing, living, raising our families, perfecting the napoletana pizza, and making a cross-Sound relationship work.

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