Kerri Francini and Michael Scott

He's The One

Dear OkCupid,
Thank you so much for helping me meet my soulmate! We met on OkCupid in early March of 2009. We spoke through email and on the phone and eventually met in person at the beginning of April. I knew right away that he was "the one." Our first date was going to a museum and a dog show. Even though this was like the cheesiest first date, we just had so much fun together that we didn't want the day to end! We continued dating and he told me he would like to go look at engagement rings with me. We got engaged on July 3, 2009 at Navy Pier in Chicago. I remember he told me to dress up that day. When we got to Navy Pier, it was packed and so he found a secluded room up on the second floor overlooking the water and proposed to me there. I was so caught up in the moment that I only remember bits and pieces of what he said but I was so happy that I said yes! Then we took a cruise around Lake Michigan. Soon after, we moved in together and bought a house while planning our wedding. We got married on June 19, 2010 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception. We left the next day honeymooned in Maui, Hawaii for a week. Now we live in our house in Rockford, Illinois. We are so happy and we have both recommended your site to our friends. Thank you for helping us find each other!

Kerri and Michael Scott

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