Brandlyn and Patrick

He's My Best Friend

I contacted Patrick because well he seemed like if nothing else I would love to be his friend. He came off as a great guy who would be fun to be around.
We talked online and then over text for about a month before meeting in person. We spent almost 2months just going out as friends before he finally told me he wanted to kiss me. From that point on we have gotten closer and closer, we are so in love and I can not believe how lucky I am to be with someone like him. He is funny and smart and just incredible. He is my best friend and I can not thank you guys enough for helping me find him. I know he would say the same thing, we both know how blessed we are to have a love like this and a solid foundation to back it up. We are looking forward to a long long love that all started here with one little message.
Thank you,

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