Danielle and Shawn

"Still in awe that we met on the internet!"

We messaged back-and-forth for about three weeks before I randomly called him up one day and asked to come hang out. I had moved to Reno from San Francisco and I had never been up to Lake Tahoe, but he lived there (born and raised) and wanted to show me the Lake.

On our first "date," we sat on a dock overlooking the Lake and got to know each other over a few beers at a local Mexican joint. We've been practically inseparable ever since (7 months ago), and have gone on various backpacking trips and mini-vacations all around Northern California. We now have a cabin together on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, California.

We both feel absolutely lucky, and we are still in awe that we met on the internet, but that's the way it goes...you never expect it when it happens.

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