Shannon and Thomas

So Grateful

Truth be told, I was never the biggest believer in online dating. I joined one night when insomnia was keeping me awake just to see if there was anyone awake to talk to. When I first joined OkCupid, I was told to "connect" and better complete my profile by emailing some people who I found interesting and wanted to know more about. I messaged a few people, Tom included, because I liked their profiles. I went on a few dates, but nothing felt like it would develop into anything stronger than friendship. And then Tom responded; our messages flowed easily and we quickly exchanged numbers and set up a date. I will never forget the day I met Tom. Our first date was incredible and is ,in my opinion, the ideal first date. We have been together for quite some time now, with our first year anniversary coming up in a few weeks. I was never really looking for love, but I've found it and I am grateful to OkCupid for creating a site that allows an incredible connection between singles.

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