Christina and Rodrigo


Once upon a time, a guy in Montreal, QC, messaged a girl in Burlington, VT...
"Hi, I've been reading your profile and would like to know you better. Is distance a deal breaker?"

And that was the beginning of it all! After sending a few messages back & forth, we exchanged email addresses & screennames. Many late-night chats ensued as we shared stories, music & emoticons. Both of us were a bit sleep-deprived that first month of chatting into the wee hours, but we were too happy to care :) Rodrigo came to Burlington to meet me for the first time in the beginning of December, and I went Montreal two weeks later. The connection was instant & we enjoyed each other's company immensely.

When Rodrigo came to Burlington for my birthday, we held hands for the first time as we walked down to Battery Park for the New Year's Eve fireworks. On the way back, Rodrigo initiated the DTR (Define The Relationship talk), and we decided that we wanted to date exclusively & see where the Lord would lead this relationship... Five months later, Rodrigo showed up at my place with a huge bouquet of flowers & walked me back down to Battery Park, where he asked me to marry him. woohoo!!!

It's been a whirlwind romance, and we keep saying how amazing it is the way the Lord works. Such mysterious ways!!

We both agree that it's been worth the wait :)

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