Julie and Nathan

The Most Loving Relationship We've Ever Had

We don't believe in love at first sight, but this was something close to it. We clicked immediately, messaged obsessively for a few weeks about our intense attraction and hope to take it slow in spite of ourselves. We'd already shared our life stories, worst moments, favorite life lessons, and what we hoped to get out of a relationship before we finally met in person for a real date a few weeks later. We met at Scholtz's, crossed the patio to each other, stammered out some awkward hellos, then began kissing. This has been the most passionate, healthiest, closest, easiest, most loving relationship we've ever had. The compatibility is unbelievable. We didn't know a fit this delicious was possible, and it allows us to be incredibly accepting of every part of each other. We are already talking about marriage and children. This experience has exceeded every expectation and my wildest dreams of what love could be.

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