Jackie and Lloyd

So In Love

Lloyd first wrote to me on Aug 7, 2009. After reading his email and his profile I decided to write back. Best decision of my life. We've been inseparable ever since. Due to weekend schedules with my children, work schedules and living an hour apart we were unable to meet right away. Three weeks later we were able to set a date to meet, but my dad passed away the day we had planned. After talking on the phone we decided to meet the day after, for lunch, before I headed out to Arizona for my father's funeral. I remember thinking when we first got there and I saw him for the first time.."I could really be attracted to him." Despite my pre-occupation with the circumstances we really hit it off and it was a very good date. (At least I didn't cry thru the whole thing.) Anyway, I headed out for Arizona that afternoon. When I showed up for the funeral I saw that he had sent a flower (don't know what it's called, but I'll attach a photo) to the family. That really impressed me.

A month later we went out on our third date. We walked around the canal and "the circle" in Indy, had dinner at Acapulco Joe's and spent most of the day talking and enjoying each others company. It was the best date I have EVER been on. At the end of the date as we were saying goodbyes, he kissed me this amazing kiss and I KNEW I finally found "The One"!

It's now almost a year later and I'm so in love. He is absolutely amazing. We married July 6, 2010 and have purchased our first house together. Thank you for matching us!

Lebanon, Indiana
Matched: to indyllo on Aug. 6, 2009
Married: July 6, 2010

PS: The flower he sent now has two buds (when he sent it, it only had one). The pic attached is how it looked in December (4 months after my father's death).

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