Kaitlynn and Nick

Real Love Comes From Unlikely Places

Hi, my name is Kaitlynn. I signed up for OkCupid years ago when I was a freshman, because I thought it would be fun to take some quizzes and I needed an account to do so. I would get all these emails over the years that I considered junk mail and always hit 'delete'. I was 20 before I actually stopped to look and see what the heck OkCupid really is. I was at fork in the road in my life and on a whim filled out my profile. I ended up talking to several interesting people mostly across seas for the enjoyment of their online company, learning about a different way in life. I never had any serious plans to ever talk to and meet someone off of this thing. OkCupid was just a chat room to me.

One day I stumbled upon Nick's profile in the suggested matches, or recent viewers of my profile. He had these weird drawings and paintings posted on his profile that he considered junk. I sent a little comment saying that I thought they were neat, like a child's cartoons but in a really awesome, non-insulting way. One thing lead to another and we started chatting away online. I never even realized he was only 10-15 minutes away from me. We talked on the phone (well, I talked hehe) and when I thought things went great, Nick thought it went "okay". (Ahem, I'm a nervous talker.)

After the conversation AFTER the phone call, I didn't care to talk to him again. lol But he liked me and insisted on IMing and phoning and it made no sense to me at the time. Conversation after conversation... we grew on each other in a way I didn't think possible. We talked for five hours on the phone and then on the internet. We tried to skip a day without talking, that didn't work too well. It's funny to think back on a year and a half ago and remember a chatty Nick. Nick is a quiet guy, all in all.

We met on February 6, 2009 for coffee and dessert at a local diner. I was nervous out of my mind and couldn't believe what I had gotten myself into! Why did I commit myself to this?! Nick was supposed to be the nervous one, but it was all me. When I walked in I gave him a big smile and a hello and he instantly received me with the same, no hesitation. I think that's when I really knew we were gonna work. We hugged and he gave me one of his drawings. I hardly remember all we talked about, my nerves were going so badly. I didn't pour my coffee for a few minutes because my hands were shaking in excitement. We talked so much we almost forgot the place was closing. When saying goodbye at our cars (we coincidentally parked next to each other) I suggested we sit and chat. All I'll say, is that I got home pretty late. lol And that I was the happiest I'd ever been in my entire life. I'd never felt so safe, so free and so... right... ever... and I didn't know I could feel it.

We've been together for over a year and a half now and I know there is no end to this relationship. We know we'll get married. We just don't know when yet. We're completely committed to our relationship and this life we share together. We are a perfect compliment to the other. We take care of each other. We are a team... a hell of a one. I know body and soul that Nick and I were meant to meet, and meant stay together. He is my family. There is nothing we can't get through together so long as we hold on to what is important in our relationship, trust and love.

Every now and then I'll say to him, "Nick. Can you believe we met on OKCUPID?" lol "If I hadn't liked to take lame quizzes online as a teenager, and if you hadn't had an online friend tell you to join this site, WE wouldn't exist." How bizarre is that? We were a couple of wrong clicks away from the happiest happy and contentment life could ever provide.

I'm an OkCupid advocate now. Real love comes from the most unlikely places. Yes, even a website. I had no intentions of finding true love and true companionship, yet it found me through this website. I never hoped for this much. I'm not sure who I need to be thanking exactly, but THANKS OKCUPID. YOU SAVED MY LIFE!

I'll keep you posted on the engagement and the wedding. ;-)

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