robyn and jeffery

Shared Values

he had just joined OkCupid. i'd been on a few months, already been out with any number of men, it was a way to kill a few hours. i was surprised to get an email from someone so far away, geographically and in every socio-ethnic-whatever you could imagine. we were opposites in all the usual things that computers check to match a pair. only every time he put his 'prefered search' into the machine, a bicycle riding redhead, i was spat out. the 160 mile distance, my being observantly religious, our opposite political viewpoints, even our oppsoing views on bicycling, i still ended up on his match list.
he sent me a note addressing these concerns, visited my blog, and called me. by some strange twist of fate, i was going to be in jacksonville on a day he had off, visiting a factory for an article i was writing. he mentioned a few other museums in the area, the first person to do that, suggest something in my realm of interest.
we met at the factory and i was fascinated by his dismantling his bicycle to fit it into the trunk of my car, his being lefthanded, his woodworking and mechanical skills. it was refreshing to be with someone who knew the difference between a phillips head and a straight screwdriver, who knew 1002 usages for duct tape.
when i saw the skyway, i was seized with a desire to ride it, this monorail to nowhere. he raised an eyebrow, never having ridden it himself or known anyone who had, but shrugged and threw some coins in the turnstile. we rode that skyway to nowhere for an hour.
our lunch plans expanded to include a visit to the cummer museum, a sunset under the wisteria, dinner and a driving tour of jax. we didn't know when, if, we'd ever see each other again.
that was over two years ago. he lives here, now. somehow the OkCupid computers went past all the class match rules and looked into us, saw that we feel the same about relationships, compromise, god and put us together.

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