Lyndsey and Joeie

Instant Connection

After receiving a message from Joeie, I went to check out his story and look at his pictures and I had a friend over at my house at the time. She took once glance at his pictures and said "OH MY GOD! YOU KNOW JOEIE??" Well, not exactly... but she did! She went to high school with him and was able to give me a little idea of what kind of person he was and made me feel a little more comfortable about meeting him face to face. We spent a couple weeks texting back and forth before we finally decided to meet. There was an instant connection that I was almost positive I would never feel again. Now, 8 months later... we're lucky enough to say we're planning our wedding! I've fallen in love with my best friend and I couldn't be happier! Our communication skills well exceed anything I've ever had with even the closest of friends. We are so blessed to have met one another, and we have OkCupid to thank!

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