Dave and Lisa

We Just Knew

When I first read Lisa's profile, I had to smile. She had a wit and a way about her that you could just tell she was a happy person. And then when I read that one of her favorite music groups was "Mother's Finest", well...I just had to send a message. The more we talked via email, the more we realized just how much we had in common. The similar interests, the similar places we had been, etc. etc. We agreed not to talk on the telephone until after we met, just to keep some mystery and anticipation going. And when we met, just a couple of weeks later....we both knew instantly...."where has this person been, all my life". And by the way...she didn't sound like minnie mouse, and I didn't sound like boris karloff...lol.... Since that time, we have spent such wonderful moments together, traveling, or just hanging out on the weekends. We are looking forward to a long and happy life together. So, Thank you OkCupid for bringing us together... we may have never met if it wasn't for your unique matching service.

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