Erin and Melissa

Giving Thanks

I am proud to say that I messaged her first. I came across her profile while browsing one day and sent her a message. Something drew me to her:her eyes, her smile, her kind subtle attitude that read in her profile and through her pictures. We began e-mailng once, then twice a day. As soon as she replied the very first time, I knew that this woman would have an immense impact on my life. Each e-mail grew longer and longer until we started sending two e-mails each because we would reach the letter limit. The e-mails became the favorite parts of our days. We exchanged phone numbers after one week of talking and began to use Skype as a means of communication as well. I can honestly say that we missed each other before we met. It only took 11 days for us to not be able to stand it any longer. We were residing an hour apart at the time but would be 10 minutes apart on Thanksgiving of 2009.
We both ate dinner with our families and had our respective Thanksgivings but as the sun was setting, I could not take the anticipation any longer. I told her that if she didnt want me to come then she should say so but if not then I was coming. She did not reply and I took that as an invitation and boy I'm sure glad I did. I got out of my car and saw her standing there, 20 feet away, for the very first time. She looked magnificient in her black button-up shirt and jeans. I walked up to her and said I miss you and fell into her arms. Holding her was like coming home. She smelled of Thanksgiving and familiarity. She let me sit on her lap mid-way through our walk so that I would not get wet from the rain that had poured that day. We sat for what-felt-like 5 minutes but in actuality was an hour. I kissed her before I left. Leaving was the most difficult. I was so intoxicated by her kiss, her scent, her mind and her presence that I stole the shirt right off her back so that I could hang on to a little piece of her until we met again.
Leaving that night, I knew that I loved her. 4 days later (15 days) after we met, Melissa told me that she loved me through a sequence of 3 text messages. Romantic? Yes because we did not know when we would be together again but we were both overwhelmed and overflowing. So much so that a text message containing 3 simple, full-of-life words brought me to tears.
Melissa and I were together for 4 months or so when tragedy struck and we were forced apart for two months. We are now working on our relationship but neither of us have any doubt that we are not meant to be. We connect on a level unlike any other we have ever experienced. Before we met in person, we were finishing each other's sentences. We can say something to each other in which nobody else would understand but we each know exactly what the other meant. We completey understand each other and are beyond in sync. Our love is beautiful, pure, honest and true. We accept each other as we are, cherishing our strengths and encouraging and challenging our weaknesses.
Thank you OkCupid for bringing us together and for allowing us to have found the one whom we are supposed to be with. We are forever grateful for you but we'll take it from here...<3

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