Kyle and Alexis

She's A Blessing

I feel gypped that I didn't meet her earlier in life, but fate has a strange way of drawing people together. I met Alexis through OkCupid and since then, she's changed my life in ways I never would've anticipated. I was a self-proclaimed "lifelong bachelor" who wanted no romantic attachments, but only to roam free, date around, without that fearsome prospect... commitment. She was exactly same. We started dating in December of '09, taking it slow, not expecting anything to blossom. Well, something did in fact: we fell in love. She's my best friend and quite simply the coolest girlfriend in the world. Lexy is everything I could have possibly hoped for and more--intelligent, witty, courageous, full of such enchanting fire. We recently celebrated our seven-month anniversary, eating pizza by candlelight and then sharing a slow dance that left a butterfly tsunami in my stomach. I haven't been so happy in years! Thanks to OkCupid, I found my kindred spirit, the girl who gets more beautiful every time I see her, the girl I want to spend my life with. And knowing she feels the same is a blessing that has no equal.

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