Theresa and Greg

Each Day Better Than The Last

The message that Greg wrote just before we meet, I knew he was the one. "You were just there and then you left.Here's my best effort at a description of the Umphrey's McGee show...

It was...

One giant vacillating and vibrating vagina of sound and dancing fools swimming ecstatic alcoholic through cocaine-tinted waters, in some cases drowning, as Dexter's doppelganger wove a harmonic frenzy of metal thrashin' jazz into fragments of The Clash, Rush, Van Halen and U2 classics.

Call if you feel like talking, anytime. I am finally taking the time to stop and enjoy life and enjoy every moment I have with you."

When Greg and I met online, I could tell he was interesting and smart man who I just had to know. Our first conversations online were intriguing and fun. As I recall, he and I stayed up until three A.M. chatting online. It seemed that there was nothing we didn't talk about.

Because we lived a distance apart after weeks of getting to know one another we met in person. He took me to the most beautiful seafood place in Rochester. We sat for hours and chatted about what we wanted out of live, our dreams, and what was important in our lives. I suggested we get together again he agreed. From the instant we started talking, it felt like we had known each other for years. He was such a gentleman! After that date, we went on another and then another and then another each one better than the last.

And now, nearly five months after meeting online, we both believe that we have truly found the loves of our live. Without OkCupid, we would be without each other and that is something I cannot imagine. Greg is partner in life, my support, and the love I never thought I would find.

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