Julianna and Ben

Perfect Complements

Ben contacted me, and it took me a few months to get back to him. (I hadn't been checking my profile at all at the time.) When I finally checked my messages and then his profile, I was instantly intrigued. Not only was he gorgeous, but we had an insanely high match percentage, and he lived less than 3 miles from me. (All the time I'd spent looking for a partner, and I found someone via the internet that I very easily could have run into at the gas station!) Furthermore, in his profile, he mentioned that he didn't feel 100% at home as male, and that was truly the icing on the cake. I've never felt that I fully exemplify the sex I was born into, either, and have always wanted to date a guy more in touch with his feminine side. In this respect, and many others, we are each other's perfect complement. I adore Ben's sensitive nature, and the fact that we both encourage each other to be exactly who we are. I have never felt so comfortable and content with another person.

We decided to become an item very soon after we met... Indeed, we both knew there was something very special between the two of us almost instantly. It hasn't always been easy over the past year and 10 months, but it is our love and devotion to each other that sees us through the rough times. If anything, we've only grown stronger because of the struggles, like any couple. We also decided after we had only been together a few months that we wanted to be married, and I bought Ben a promise ring for his birthday last year. He soon gave me a ring of my own, and we told our friends and family of our engagement.

Just two days ago, Ben and I were handfasted in his parents' back yard, before our friends and family. Our ceremony was perfected attuned to who we both are... The handfasting was rainbow themed, performed by a pagan/Unitarian Universalist minister from Ben's family's church. Ben wore a dress and had an all-female bridal party, while I wore a suit and had all male attendants. The ceremony was touching and beautiful. There was only one outstanding nay-sayer, but everyone else among our friends and family was nothing but supportive and happy for the two of us!

We are planning to move to San Francisco this fall, where we can both be more true to who we are, and more true to how we know and love one another. We have just embarked on the first leg of our journey by joining our lives, and it's all thanks to this site!

I've belonged to other dating sites in the past, but have never had the success I've known on OkCupid. I've recommended the site to many of my friends. I owe a great amount of gratitude to the creators of this site for making our union possible! Our relationship is a great example of the fact that nearly anyone can find someone suitable for them on this site... Be you straight, gay, bi, transgendered, or intersexed, I whole-heartedly feel this site can work wonders!

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