Marin and Kyle

Quickmatch FTW!

Kyle and I were a 67% match, and his filters were set up so that he would never have seen me. But, thanks to Quickmatch, I had to rate him and thought he was really cute. So I ended up messaging him and he messaged back and we started conversing regularly.

After about a month we met in person in West Chester at a great little diner. We hit it off and after lunch we went back to my apartment and I tried to teach him a few basic things on guitar. Then we said goodbye for the day and saw each other every weekend until that spring when I went home for the summer, and even then, the longest we've ever spent apart is two and a half weeks. We are both teachers, he teaches high school literature and I am a music teacher. It's a lot of fun and we are still nuts for each other.

Kyle and I celebrated our one year anniversary on November 20. We are planning to move in together either this spring or next. :)

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