Natrina and Philip

Married Six Months Later

We met on OkCupid and married six months later.
Philip and I chatted and emailed for about six weeks before we actually spoke on the phone. We had decided to meet in a couple of weeks when things in our live had settled down (him moving back to Atlanta and my Mom entering her second marriage).
However, Philip made a quick trip up to Atlanta two weeks early and we met for a breakfast date- that lasted until midnight. At the time the idea of him wasn't really real yet to me; he was just the reply to an IM; a sexy voice on the phone all to good to be true, so I was dumbstruck for being the luckiest girl in the world when I saw him in person -pictures don't do him justice, but more so he was authentic. We were everything and more compared to what we stated in our profiles and questions we soon came to find out.
It was literally Love at First Sight and we've been together ever since. We were married on February 14th 2009 so we'll always remember our time on OkCupid which brought us together.

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