Nicole Reid and Carlos Ku

So Much Joy

I met my sweetheart online In January, 2008 :) he has been the best thing to ever happen to me all because of OkCupid :) thank you OkCupid you brought us together, we have been dating for 2 years :) and we are so in love he is the love of my life and we are planning on getting married, he brought so much Joy to my life and swept me off my feet...we've done so much together our favorite thing to do together is every summer we go up with my parents to a cottage, he took me on a cruise ship and he gave me a promise ring :) and we have never been the same since we met the other person I made him so happy and he is the happiest he has been in years :) anyways that's about it thank you again OkCupid you brought us so much Joy! :D

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