Savanna and Aris

Fate Intervened

I joined OkCupid just for the tests and because a lot of my friends were on it. I truly never expected anything to come from a dating site. Aris messaged me first. I usually never responded to guys on this site, but there was something about him. He was intelligent, independent, and genuinely kind. We talked continuously for a few weeks and decided to meet. We ended up going to get ice cream and hang out at the park. He was nothing but a perfect gentleman. Unfortunately, we were both extremely shy and convinced the other didn't like us. In truth, we both secretly wanted to see each other again. We talked a few more times after meeting, but we were both insanely busy with separate jobs. It took Fate to intervene. A few months later, after I got laid off I ended up getting another job where, guess what, he was the boss. I couldn't believe the odds considering he lived in Chandler, I lived in Florence, and we both worked in Gilbert. This time something was different. Everything happened so quickly! We hung out at the mall one day because we both needed to get some stuff, and soon after we were basically inseparable. We started dating officially on March 15, 2009. Since then we haven't been apart for more than 3 days. We now live together, at his home. I couldn't imagine my life without this man and I think that had we never met on OkCupid first, we never would have had the nerve to talk to each other at the job. Our relationship hasn't declined in anyway, it's only gotten better. It's clear we're meant for each other, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity that OkCupid presented us.

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